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What Types of Cargo are Transported by Sea?

Air, sea, and land convey cargo. Food, oil, and heavy equipment are sent globally. Intermodal containers move cargo. These large containers can convey many stuff. Electronics, clothes, and toys are common container cargo. Robots load and unload ships. Fixed container sizes simplify shipping.

This cargo’s name is self-explanatory, like container freight. Bulk liquids are called bulk liquids. Liquid bulk freight is typically sent because of its economic and domestic importance.

Liquid bulk freight includes fuels and oils. Liquid bulk transport includes crude oil, vegetable oil, alcohol, fuel, and unprocessed beverages. Liquid bulk is superior. Liquid cargo is unstable and hazardous, hence the cargo hold is double-shelled and double-bottomed.

Dry bulk freight includes sand, cement, grains, iron ores, coals, salt, and sugar. Unpackaged dry bulk freight is huge. There are shiploaders. Used vehicles and wagons. This cargo class is important for food and infrastructure.

Perishable meals are risky to transport. Due to their short lifetime and significant decay risk, refrigerated ships, or reefer vessels, deliver perishable food. Reefer ships’ temperature-controlling abilities protect cargo. Meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits are often chilled. Reefer ships cool cargo.

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