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How the Packaging and Shipping Processes Are Carried Out

Ships deliver a variety of commodities such as oil, scrap metals, white goods, iron ore, gasoline and petrol, food and drink, electrical and electronics equipment, raw materials for manufacturing, and commodities bulk cargo such as coffee.

Knowing your ocean shipping container options might help you move your merchandise. This will simplify your shipping strategy and help you avoid costly blunders caused by utilizing inappropriate containers. Understanding ocean shipping containers raises the chances of your shipment arriving undamaged.

Standard containers are the most popular mode of transportation for boxes, bags, bales, and pallets, among other items. Because both 20′ and 40′ containers can store the same weight, larger products may be transported in a maxed-out 20′ container. The 40′ cube is designed for taller goods. Some of these containers may transport clothing that are hanging.

This list of seven ocean shipping containers should help you get started. All of these container types are available from carriers all around the world, with varied dimensions and weight capacities. Before exporting overseas, consult with your carrier to choose the best container for your products.

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