1. fczuardi twitter just implemented a "frame buster" on the home page, killing quoteurl awesome split screen feature :((
  2. fczuardi anyone with an old twitter page opened can send me a copy of the html? I cannot believe they update the homepage because of me…
  3. fczuardi I still can't believe this got in just now if (window.top !== window.self) { window.top.location.href = window.self.location.href; }
  4. fczuardi (although I understand their reasons as well :(( )
  5. fczuardi it's a matter of time now until search.twitter goes the same route, I have to rethink everything now, back to the drawing board… sigh
  6. fczuardi oh, thanks @yoz for telling me that I am not the one to blame for the twitter home updates, but the clickjacking "virus" instead :P