1. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader oh... and what did i get wrong, and who... are.... you... ?
  2. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader so you're supported by the guardian in the sense that jemima might write about you at some stage in the future?
  3. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader for those who are interested the background is here btw, company claims endorsements etc, then threatens http://is.gd/1yMqD
  4. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre some people gave you sm advice? - bit more than that, I sense your still skeptical, but I kinda understand
  5. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader that's great. i guess now i'm intrigued about your name.
  6. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader maybe i like to know who's saying i got stuff wrong. and stuff. in the nicest way. maybe i want to sue you!
  7. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre I'm sensible, the account belongs to the project Clinical Reader and not anyones personal opinion, lets email correspond
  8. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre See you're getting into the zone, so will quit while ahead
  9. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader hi there, what's the trading name of your company? can't see on the website. very happy chatting in public, thanks!
  10. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre We're not a company this is a project getting it's feet off the floor by a small grp of jr drs (outside EWTD of course)