1. cophotog @schoolofold @ksablan people will resist it the same as being web first. But will journo's pick up on it before it loses it's effectiveness?
  2. ksablan @cophotog They are picking up on it. Are you predicting Twitter will eventually lose its effectiveness?
  3. schoolofold @cophotog @ksablan Who knows but if people think its just some silly trend that doesn't apply to them, it's their loss.
  4. cophotog @schoolofold @ksablan I think we're starting to see the 'tribalization' of Twitter. People converse with smaller groups based on geography.
  5. cophotog @schoolofold @ksablan and I agree about the trend, but they aren't use to an audience that can talk to themselves. They want to feel needed.
  6. cophotog @ksablan I want to do a heatmap that shows a users replies over time based on the physical location of the person they're replying to.
  7. ksablan @cophotog That's a great idea. It would be great to compare that to a person's IRL conversations.