1. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre Story is correct and unfortunate must add - for someone of your stature and position just thought you jumped on it
  2. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader so nobody else was wrong, you were just bullshitting. thanks for clarifying. great escalation skills on ur part, respect!
  3. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre RT @ClinicalReader We're learning fast, also important to be humble & admit mistakes, see @eagledawg twt
  4. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader [coughs] apologies to everyone who follows me for being such a boring bastard. wont happen again. just irritating.
  5. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader er, look, i wanted to go and work, but that British Library endorsement, did you use their bogs once or something?
  6. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre Ha ha, okay getting silly, nice interacting with you and look forward to a face to face mtg