1. JimmyHodson Dropping my nephews off at LAX where they're shooting The Amazing Race. Hard enough to get through security without cameras in our faces!
  2. shloky LOL. In the security line at LAX with the entire cast from the new Amazing Race.
  3. DanielleVarey It never fails. I always see famous people in the LAX airport http://twitpic.com/rcbds
  4. shloky LOL. One team is now using my computer to plan out travel in Chile. Ill be on TV some day.
  5. shloky amazing race teams : big guys, one with a man fu beard. also a tall guy with a short blonde. also a grandma with a 20 something brunette
  6. shloky amazing race _ they're headed to Chile. both santiago and wolf castle. theres a bus involved
  7. shloky amazing race, my team on my compuuter are blue shirt man fu, goatee with camo shorts. there's another team, two cowboys.
  8. DanielleVarey Saw an African American couple and an oriental couple as well. All going to Chicago or Boston. Pretty sure it's first leg of the race
  9. DanielleVarey African American women I should say. Not a couple. Everyone was color coordinated
  10. DanielleVarey Their flight is in route right now. Jeff said he wasn't allowed to give details just said "we are in a race"
  11. DanielleVarey Here is pic of one of the other teams I saw with Jeff and Jordan http://twitpic.com/rd3ac
  12. shloky @heyhay28 The guy in blue's name (he has a man fu) is Louie. He and his partner (Mike maybe?) used my computer.