1. PerezHilton R.I.P. Ted Kennedy http://bit.ly/qNMf4 So sad.
  2. kayhanley @perezhilton It's time for all of us to fight for everything Ted Kennedy stood for. Civil, human and workers' rights. Now. #tedkennedy
  3. ricky_martin R.I.P. Edward Kennedy que descanse en paz.
  4. iamdiddy We gonna miss you uncle Teddy! R I P!!!!
  5. questlove end of an era. thank you to Ted Kennedy.
  6. AnnCurry "He was, to the very end, a true profile in courage."-Irish Foreign Affairs Minister on the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy.
  7. lancearmstrong So sad to hear about Senator Ted Kennedy. I had the opportunity to work with him dozens of times & he was a good man. May he rest in peace.
  8. MCHammer Senator Edward Kennedy dies...I will always remember him with Love,Respect and Kindness, A Man of great conviction and Compassion.SALUTE
  9. frandrescher Vry sad re deth of Ted Kennedy. He ws VERY helpful 2 pass Gyno Cancer Educate Bill. Rep. Pat Kennedy, his son is a frend. Gr8 loss 4 USA.
  10. joeymcintyre Ted Kennedy was a lion for so many great causes. His work inspires us to continue the fight... "to try, to seek, to find and not to yield."
  11. kevin_nealon Ted always weathered the storms. Thank you for your years of public service, sir.
  12. drdrew "The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die"Edward Kennedy Closing an era in American Hx
  13. robcorddry RIP Ted Kennedy. I guess I'll never see that hundy you owe me.
  14. SandraBernhard terribly sad about ted kennedy remember 3rd grade when they sent us home after hearing the news about jack we watched it all day on t v
  15. BarackObama Mourning the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy—a dear friend, a wise colleague, and one of the greatest US senators of our time. http://bit.ly/fI7Ve
  16. rainnwilson A Twitter haiku: Ted Kennedy died/ @rainnwilson hates nukes and such/ The Jonas Brothers (via @BrianDau86) -lovely!
  17. MarleeMatlin Watching the coverage of Senator Kennedy's procession. I included him in my speech. He was a champion of the disadvantaged. I'll miss him.