1. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre When's your next public event, i've seen you before, would be happy to attend
  2. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader haha ok mystery man with no name. do let me know how you're supported by imperial college's faculty of medicine tho.
  3. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader great, just tell me, if you don't want to tell me your name, what did i get wrong? you threatened smone with legit concerns?
  4. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre Intercalated BSc (2000) - Developing innovative software to assist medical students learning & education
  5. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre What do think about the review of your book on our site?
  6. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre You judged us a some big company attempting to take advantage - our tool is free and we're keen to engage with librarians
  7. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader you're supported by Imperial College's Faculty of Medicine in the sense that you did a BSc there 9 yrs ago? cool!
  8. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader keen to engage with librarians... by suing them when they point out that your endorsements seem not to be for real?
  9. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre I see I'm getting nowhere- it's called keeping in touch, anatomy demonstrating, surgical rotation, anymore questions?
  10. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader i think you need a reality check. if you regret your threat then great. but bizarre to tell people they got the story wrong.