1. FashionOffice RT @katesculley: Waiting for my #iPhone4. Just me and a ton of other ppl <3 fingers crossed @fashionoffice http://yfrog.com/1r6whjj
  2. MMA_Gospel_Gary This is just the line for the reserved #iPhone crowd. http://yfrog.com/28fz3sj
  3. RealtorInBoca Are you in the mall yet? RT @brianbreslin: In the most ridiculously long line for iPhone. (@ Apple Store w/ 2 others) http://4sq.com/6dDt0E
  4. MMA_Gospel_Gary Just like in world cup with little kids and players heading into stadium, Apple staff leads #iPhone buyers in. http://yfrog.com/2o5mlj
  5. Phouc - bad move apple with how your treated reservations for the iPhone today.
  6. DominickCoppola One #iPhone at #walmart too bad I was second in line