1. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader what did i get wrong? you threatened a blogger with legal action for legitimate criticisms, now you're sniping. grow up.
  2. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre Hi let me introduce myself, I'm allan an SpR @ Guys and Tommies, unfortunately a jr colleague got too excited
  3. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre A few of us have been using the account, hence why all tweets will end in our initials (AA)
  4. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader hi there, nice to meet you, what's your name and in what way did i get my facts wrong?
  5. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader oh, and can you let me know in what way you are supported by the guardian, as your website claims?
  6. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre The tweet was unacceptable i've personally apologized to @eagledawg who has accepted my apology
  7. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre Yes we attended a camp organised by Guardian when we we're developing our project , they provided excellent advice
  8. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader hi there, AA (what's your name!?) so you've apologised. great. it was a pretty unpleasant threat. what did i get wrong?
  9. ClinicalReader @bengoldacre We're in touch with Jemima Kiss who writes a fantastic blog - to feature in Elevator Pitch (she's on maternity at the mo)
  10. bengoldacre @ClinicalReader so youre supported by the guardian in the sense that you went to an event they organised and some people gave you sm advice?