1. Paramedic_Fla Will You Use Facebook Places? [POLL] http://bit.ly/9yseY9
  2. ljcwebid @hbkhumanity #facebook #places I can just imagine assassins, weapons ready, checking their iphones.
  3. pretay RT @jw: Interesting... Using @Gowalla may be the only way to add a check-in to Facebook Places for international users for a while.
  4. Ashl1123 RT @pbarbanes: FB Places? Sweet! "your friends can, by default, check you in W/O YOUR EXPLICIT APPROVAL OR PERMISSION" http://bit.ly/a67YLM
  5. RTRCook Digital Marketing: Facebook Introduces Location-Based Places http://adage.com/u/MEKYOb Mobile Mktg possibilities r now virtually limitless